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Computer Repair Promotional Prices. NO HIDDEN FEES!


FREE Diagnostic


Promotional= $0.00

Regular= $30.00

You get a FREE Diagnostic when ordering any computer repair or installation service for Home and Business
Our Promotional Price: $0.00
Competition Price: $60.00 to $129.99
Our Regular Price: $30.00
We'll come to You for a computer diagnostic and cost estimate before begining a reparation or job requested. Computer diagnostic and estimate are free of charge, if the job is made for us.

Whether your computer, desktop, laptop PC, tablet PC, server just crashed or you note any faults, contact us before you loss your data files, photos and other important information, or just before your hard disk fail definitively, or your proccessor or mother board burn or die.

Setup & Tune Up

Flat Fee $60.00

We can help to improve your computer's performance and help make your computer run faster.
Clean and repair computer Registry not used and damaged. Defragment the computer's Registry and Hard Drive.
Remove unnecessary programs, unwanted start up programs, remove malware, clean internet privacy files, clean your junk files which removes duplicate documents, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, as well as browser add-ons.
Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers and crap software that you will never need

Hard Disk Cloning

Desktop from $60.00

Laptop From $70.00

Are you prepared if your hard drive crashes?

All hard drives will crash one way or another for some reazon corruption, virus attack, mechanical failures, etc. Hard drive failures happen more often than you might think. It could be caused by a physical or hardware failure or a logical or software failure in the drive. By the way you must be proactive before lost your data. You should know to take preventative measures before disaster strikes like using disk imaging software or cloning to make an exact replica of your hard drive.

Desktop from $60.00

Laptop From $70.00

Virus, Spyware Removal

From $60.00

FREE Antivirus 

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

From $60.00 to $90.00 in dependence of damage 

Scan & Remove all virus, spyware and malware

Registry cleaning

Windows security patches and updates

If Data Backup and Windows Install is required the price will be $90.00 to $120.00

FREE Antivirus Installation

FREE Windows Security patches and Updates 



Move or Upgrade

To Windows 7 or 8

Before April 8, 2014. Windows XP End of Support

From $90.00 to $120.00

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003

Support Ends April 8th, 2014

Order A Migration Service From Windows XP To Windows 7 or 8 and receive a FREE Automatic Backup, saving now more than $90.00 and save on future

Moving to Windows 7? Price: $90.00

Moving to Windows 8.1? Price: $120.00



Upgrade To Gigabit 

From $90.00

Upgrade to Gigabit

Wired or Wireless 

Speeding Your Network Connection:

Let us analize and upgrade your network to increase speed and performance using the actual technologies on wired Ethernet and/or Wireless networks for your home, home office or small business.



Hardware Upgrade

Hardware Upgrade or Installation

From $30.00


RAM Upgrade $30.00

Add Extra Hard Drive $30.00

Upgrade to a Bigger Hard Drive: 

For Desktop $90.00, For Laptop $120.00

Video Card Upgrade $30.00

Processor (CPU) Upgrade $60.00

Data Recovery


You don't pay if the data are not recovered

Hard Disk Drive Clone

From $90.00


If you loss your data files, photos, accounting, invoices, contracts, trade secrets and other files that are essential for doing business and other important information, or your hard disk fail definitively, and you don't have your computer backed or imaged up to date. Let us to do the first intent to recuperate your main data, family photos or memories, and other important documents.

You don't pay if the data are not recovered

Our Promotional Price: From $90.00
Competition Price: From $199.99
Our Regular Price: From $120.00

If your hard drive is damaged to physical level, our partner Datalab, Inc. with their highly trained data recovery engineers, using advanced recovery methods can replace parts such as drive heads and chips, and then recalibrate and rewrite the firmware to get your hard drive reading so we can recover your data.

Clone Your Hard Disk Before Crashed  

Hard Disk Clone: From $90.00

Do You Need  Server?


Server Installation, Setup & Backup

4TB Option $949.99

$300.00 Installation, & Setup


Enterprise Class Storage Server For SMALL OFFICE

Best Priced Small Office Server

4TB Option $949.99

$300.00 Installation, & Setup


  • Easy to set up. Easy to manage
  • Enterprise-class data protectio
  • Built-in remote access
  • Raid Enable Storage
  • Extraperformance & Data Protection With Raid
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Realtime System Status
  • Stream Digital Media
  • Automatic Backup
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems



Security Solutions

Security Solutions

For Home and  Business

Protect Your Data & Assets

Protect Your Family

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New Windows 8

New Windows 8

Data Migration

Computer Installation & Set Up 

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