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Upgrade To Gigabit


Increase Wireless Speeed X3

Speeding your networkSpeeding Your Network Connection:

Let us analize and upgrade your network to increase speed and performance using the actual technologies on wired Ethernet and/or Wireless networks for your home, home office or small business.



Ethernet Speed

Gigabit Ethernet can increase data transmission rates up to 1000 Mbps often using the existing cabling or in the worst case rewiring the premise. Gigabit ethernet is 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet(100 Mbps) and 100 times faster than regular Ethernet(10 Mbps).

Gigabit Wired:

From the last decade many computers were sold with gigabit Ethernet capability and backward compatibility with Fast Ethernet and Ethernet.

To ensure that the maximum speed of a Wired Gigabit connection is achieved, you will need a compatible Gigabit Network port (RJ45) on your connected device, such as a PC, Laptop, Server, NAS device or Gaming console. Devices that do not have a Gigabit port will still connect, however, this will be at Fast Ethernet speeds up to 100Mbps.

Gigabit Speed Wireless AC:

How fast is your current wireless router or wireless adapter? If currently your router is based on wireless 802.11agn with three spatial data streams, the maximum theoretical speed is up to 450Mbps. You can claim that your existing router is the fastest router based on the 802.11an N900 technology; you can say Netgear WNDR4500 N900 router or Linksys EA4500 N900 Cloud router or other N900 router.

Soon your router would be out dated with the introductions of new 5th generation of Wi-Fi network 802.11ac standard. This wireless ac standard delivers the gigabit speed up to 1300Mbps exceeding your gigabit wired cable connectivity (theoretically).

Featured Services

FREE Computer & Laptop Diagnostic


When Ordering Any Computer Repair or Installation Service for Home and Business

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FREE Computer & Laptop Backup

Free Computer Backup

When Ordering A Migration Service From Windows XP To Windows 7 or 8

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FREE Antivirus Installation


When Ordering Any Computer Repair for Home and Business

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Setup & Tune Up

Computer Setup & Tune Up

Computer Speed Up

Flat Fee $60.00

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Hard Disk Cloning

Computer Hard Disk Clone

Desktop from $60.00

Laptop From $70.00

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Virus, Spyware Removal

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

From $60.00

FREE Antivirus 

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Move or Upgrade


To Windows 7 or 8

Free Backup Included

Free Antivirus

From $90.00 to $120.00

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Upgrade To Gigabit 

From $90.00

Upgrade to Gigabit

Wired or Wireless 

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New Windows 8

New Windows 8

Upgrade or Migrate:



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Security Cameras


For Home &  Business

CCTV Cameras & DVR

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Do You Need  Server?


Server Installation, Setup & Backup

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Software Installation


Office, Windows OS, Quickbooks

Contact Management, EMR

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Software Repair

Software Repair

Windows, Internet Explorer & Microsoft Office Crash

Other Software

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Hardware Upgrade

Hardware Install

From $30.00

 RAM Memory, Hard Disk, Video Card, CPU

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

You don't pay if the data are not recovered

Hard Disk Drive Clone Available

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Featured Installation Services

New Computer Installation


New Computer Installation

Free Computer Tune-Up


Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers and crap software that you will never need

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Printer & All-In-One Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Printers & All-in-One Installation

Shared $15.00 & 30.00

Per Computer
Print & Scan from any computer or laptop in your home or office

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Wired & Wireless Router Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Wired & Wireless Router Installation

One Wireless Devices FREE

$15.00 Per Device

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