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Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal

$60.00 to $120.00

FREE Antivirus Installation

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

From $60.00 to $90.00 in dependence of damage 

Scan & Remove all virus, spyware and malware

Registry cleaning

Windows security patches and updates

If Data Backup and Windows Install is required the price will be $90.00 to $120.00

FREE Antivirus Installation

FREE Windows Security patches and Updates 



Common Computer Virus Symptoms


  • If your computer starts to behave strangely, slowdown and crash.
  • Computer running slow, slow start up, slow shutdown
  • Pop-up Advertisements all the time
  • Redirection to other web sites



  • Fake security alerts (mimicking Microsoft or well known AntiVirus)
  • Rogue software like System Fix, Registry Cleaners
  • Hide your shortcuts, files and folders
  • Unable to launch programs or install new programs



  • Malware often disables access to Task Manager
  • Many services stoped
  • Other signs of infection include: new desktop icons; new wallpaper, or having your default homepage redirected to another site


Avoid Scams

Visit to avoid to be infected with fake antivirus o rogue software.The warnings look real, mimicking Microsoft or well known AntiVirus products. The names sound legitimate.

Avoid FBI, IRS and other scams

In most cases, you'll confront scammers who want to scare you into buying "rogue" security software by making you think your computer is infected. ("Rogue" means software of unknown or questionable origin, or doubtful value.)
What to Look For Rogue Spyware

Rogue anti-virus/spyware programs often generate more "alerts" than the software made by reputable companies.
You may be bombarded with pop-ups, even when you're not online.
High-pressure sales copy will try to convince you to buy RIGHT NOW!
If you've been infected, your computer may dramatically slow down.
Other signs of infection include: new desktop icons; new wallpaper, or having your default homepage redirected to another site

What does rogue security software do?

Rogue security software might report a virus, even though your computer is actually clean. The software might also fail to report viruses when your computer is infected. Inversely, sometimes, when you download rogue security software, it will install a virus or other malicious software on your computer so that the software has something to detect.

Some rogue security software might also:

Lure you into a fraudulent transaction (for example, upgrading to a non-existent paid version of a program).
Use social engineering to steal your personal information.
Install malware that can go undetected as it steals your data.
Launch pop-up windows with false or misleading alerts.
Slow your computer or corrupt files.
Disable Windows updates or disable updates to legitimate antivirus software.
Prevent you from visiting antivirus vendor websites

Featured Services

FREE Computer & Laptop Diagnostic


When Ordering Any Computer Repair or Installation Service for Home and Business

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FREE Computer & Laptop Backup

Free Computer Backup

When Ordering A Migration Service From Windows XP To Windows 7 or 8

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FREE Antivirus Installation


When Ordering Any Computer Repair for Home and Business

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Setup & Tune Up

Computer Setup & Tune Up

Computer Speed Up

Flat Fee $60.00

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Hard Disk Cloning

Computer Hard Disk Clone

Desktop from $60.00

Laptop From $70.00

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Virus, Spyware Removal

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

From $60.00

FREE Antivirus 

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Move or Upgrade


To Windows 7 or 8

Free Backup Included

Free Antivirus

From $90.00 to $120.00

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Upgrade To Gigabit 

From $90.00

Upgrade to Gigabit

Wired or Wireless 

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New Windows 8

New Windows 8

Upgrade or Migrate:



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Security Cameras


For Home &  Business

CCTV Cameras & DVR

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Do You Need  Server?


Server Installation, Setup & Backup

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Software Installation


Office, Windows OS, Quickbooks

Contact Management, EMR

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Software Repair

Software Repair

Windows, Internet Explorer & Microsoft Office Crash

Other Software

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Hardware Upgrade

Hardware Install

From $30.00

 RAM Memory, Hard Disk, Video Card, CPU

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

You don't pay if the data are not recovered

Hard Disk Drive Clone Available

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Featured Installation Services

New Computer Installation


New Computer Installation

Free Computer Tune-Up


Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers and crap software that you will never need

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Printer & All-In-One Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Printers & All-in-One Installation

Shared $15.00 & 30.00

Per Computer
Print & Scan from any computer or laptop in your home or office

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Wired & Wireless Router Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Wired & Wireless Router Installation

One Wireless Devices FREE

$15.00 Per Device

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