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Data Recovery

You don't pay if the data are not recovered

All HARD DRIVE, CD, DVD, MEMORY STICK, USB DRIVE, SIM CARD will crash one way or another for some reazon.

  • File Deletion
  • Virus Attack
  • Boot Sector Corruption
  • Partition Removal
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Reformatting
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Power failures and spikes
  • Lightning
  • Laptop dropping
  • Other reazon

Recovering data from hard drives with mechanical failure requires the drive to be worked on in a clean room as the drive has to be taken apart and investigated in lab conditions.

If your hard drive is damaged to physical level, our partner Datalab, Inc. with their highly trained data recovery engineers, using advanced recovery methods can replace parts such as drive heads and chips, and then recalibrate and rewrite the firmware to get your hard drive reading so we can recover your data.

Data Recovery Services:

Computer Data Recovery

  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • Encrypted Data Recovery


Operating System Recovery 

  • Windows Recovery
  • Apple Recovery
  • Linux Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

  • Desktop Recovery
  • Laptop Recovery
  • Mobile Device Recovery
  • Flash Drive Recovery
  • USB Drive Recovery
  • SIM Card Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • SATA Recovery
  • NTFS Recovery
  • SCSI Recovery


Removable Media Recovery:

  • DVD Recovery
  • CD Recovery
  • Memory Stick Recovery
  • Zip Disk Recovery

Digital Photo Recovery:

  • Recover Deleted Photos From Camera
  • Recover Deleted Photos From Hard Disk
  • Recover Deleted Photos From Memory Card

Featured Services

FREE Computer & Laptop Diagnostic


When Ordering Any Computer Repair or Installation Service for Home and Business

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FREE Computer & Laptop Backup

Free Computer Backup

When Ordering A Migration Service From Windows XP To Windows 7 or 8

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FREE Antivirus Installation


When Ordering Any Computer Repair for Home and Business

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Setup & Tune Up

Computer Setup & Tune Up

Computer Speed Up

Flat Fee $60.00

Learn more

Hard Disk Cloning

Computer Hard Disk Clone

Desktop from $60.00

Laptop From $70.00

Learn more

Virus, Spyware Removal

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

From $60.00

FREE Antivirus 

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Move or Upgrade


To Windows 7 or 8

Free Backup Included

Free Antivirus

From $90.00 to $120.00

Learn more

Upgrade To Gigabit 

From $90.00

Upgrade to Gigabit

Wired or Wireless 

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New Windows 8

New Windows 8

Upgrade or Migrate:



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Security Cameras


For Home &  Business

CCTV Cameras & DVR

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Do You Need  Server?


Server Installation, Setup & Backup

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Software Installation


Office, Windows OS, Quickbooks

Contact Management, EMR

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Software Repair

Software Repair

Windows, Internet Explorer & Microsoft Office Crash

Other Software

Learn more

Hardware Upgrade

Hardware Install

From $30.00

 RAM Memory, Hard Disk, Video Card, CPU

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

You don't pay if the data are not recovered

Hard Disk Drive Clone Available

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Featured Installation Services

New Computer Installation


New Computer Installation

Free Computer Tune-Up


Brand new PC is preinstalled with a bunch of special offers and crap software that you will never need

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Printer & All-In-One Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Printers & All-in-One Installation

Shared $15.00 & 30.00

Per Computer
Print & Scan from any computer or laptop in your home or office

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Wired & Wireless Router Installation

$30.00 & $60.00

Wired & Wireless Router Installation

One Wireless Devices FREE

$15.00 Per Device

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Accounting Software


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